covered harper’s bazaar germany this month - wearing my best friend’s sweatshirt which is my most treasured possession


the fact that there are no leaked nudes on my dashboard proves that i’m following the right people

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I asked my friend if she was having a good day today. All she replied with was this


don’t you hate it when you sneeze so hard that you regenerate

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Cait Oppermann - Tangier in pastels, Morocco, 2012.
I recently unearthed this photo from a stack of negatives that I haven’t touched since I scanned the film that would become Sea Blues. I really love this one, though.  Tangier is not a peaceful city on the ground, but from above it can be actually quite serene.

Scotch and Soda Spring-Summer 2014 ph: Annmarieke Van Drimelen

Russian metro.


with great power comes a great electricity bill

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